Against moral relativism essays

German philologist and philosopher who criticized the over-emphasis on reason characteristic of Western philosophy against moral relativism essays the tendency of traditional morality and religion to debilitate the human sprit. For a discussion of his life and works, see Nietzsche.

Complete rejection of the existence of human knowledge and values or denial of the possibility of making any useful distinctions among things. Noddings emphasizes the importance of personal relationships as the foundation for ethical conduct. According to Plato, such awareness represents the highest portion of human knowledge. Belief that only particular things exist, as opposed to realism. Latin phrase meaning, “It does not follow. The characteristic feature of arguments that fail to provide adequate support for their conclusions, especially those that commit one of the fallacies of relevance. A meta-ethical theory according to which moral issues are not subject to rational determination.

Dealing with values, not facts, moral assertions are neither true nor false, but merely express attitudes, feelings, desires, or demands. Recommended Reading: Hume’s Ethical Writings, ed. Branch of philosophical ethics concerned with developing theories that determine which human actions are right and which are wrong. In his Essay towards the Theory of an Ideal World, Norris defended the philosophy of Malebranche against the empiricism of Locke. Greek term for mind, reason, or intellect. Thus, in the philosophy of Anaxagoras, νους is an organizing principle for the universe as a whole.