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This is our current list of 1888 available magazines. This list changes periodically as we alfred bird hitchcock paper research our catalog. A masterpiece – a movie milestone.

Considered by most film critics as the greatest, or one of the top ten films ever made. It rewrote the rules of Hollywood cinema, setting Hollywood on its ear when first released. The film was co-written, directed, and starred in by 25-year old radio star Orson Welles in his first film effort and on a bare-bones budget. With an acting cast from Welles’ own Mercury Theater.

This cautionary moral tale was faithfully based on Stephen Vincent BenĂ©t’s 1937 Faustian short story, with an Oscar-winning score by Bernard Herrmann. It was a twist on the classic ugly duckling story of a shy little circus elephant Dumbo. The baby pachyderm was criticized, ridiculed, and outcast for his ears which were big enough to fly with. He was separated from his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, when she was branded a mad elephant for defending him. Warren Beatty as a football player, not a boxer. A landmark gangster film from Warner Bros.

A touching, moving soap-opera style melodrama from Ketti Frings’ semi-autobiographical story. This was the last film written by Billy Wilder with his scripting partner Charles Brackett, before he embarked on his own directorial career. Derived from Richard Llewellyn’s best-selling autobiographical novel about labor unrest, personal tragedy, the end to a way of life, and the power of the family. Considered possibly as Preston Sturges’ best film, a wonderful battle of the sexes. One of the all-time greatest film-noir crime-detective mysteries and scriptwriter John Huston’s incredible directorial debut. Adapted from Dashiell Hammett’s hard-edged detective novel about greed and deceit.

Capra’s third Depression-Era populist parable about the common man’s struggles, following after Mr. John Doe” character to dramatize the hard times. An absurd, wacky film spoofing the film industry and Hollywood, with Fields in his last starring role in a feature-length film. It was a surrealistic film with no real plot, only a series of very funny scenes and bizarre sequences one after the other, to skewer the entire movie business.