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What is the relationship between documentation and project success? When already written essays sale a model become permanent?

What are the issues associated with documentation? What does it mean to travel light? What type of documents do you need? Are agilists actually creating documentation and is it any good? How can you reduce documentation CRUFT? When is documentation the best option? Agilists write documentation if that’s the best way to achieve the relevant goals, but there often proves to be better ways to achieve those goals than writing static documentation.

Document stable things, not speculative things. Take an evolutionary approach to documentation development, seeking and then acting on feedback on a regular basis. With high quality source code and a test suite to back it up you need a lot less system documentation. Travel as light as you possibly can.

Documentation should be just barely good enough. Comprehensive documentation does not ensure project success, in fact, it increases your chance of failure. Models are not necessarily documents, and documents are not necessarily models. Documentation is as much a part of the system as the source code. Your team’s primary goal is to develop software, its secondary goal is to enable your next effort. The benefit of having documentation must be greater than the cost of creating and maintaining it. Developers rarely trust the documentation, particularly detailed documentation because it’s usually out of sync with the code.

Each system has its own unique documentation needs, one size does not fit all. Ask whether you NEED the documentation, not whether you want it. The investment in system documentation is a business decision, not a technical one. Create documentation only when you need it at the appropriate point in the life cycle.