Application letter for promotion to associate professor

Keep us at the forefront of liberal arts education. Only for faculty who accepted their appointments prior to January 3, 2017, and eligible for ECE under application letter for promotion to associate professor provisions in PROV-004. Department of at the University of Virginia, is undergoing 5th year performance review this academic year.

As part of our review procedure, we are asking for the judgment of experts in the field of concerning  achievements in the areas defined in position description, and standing in the profession. We would be most grateful for your confidential evaluation of Professor . Your evaluation is to be based on the candidate’s C. For your information, the bulk of ’s duties consist of teaching courses in the area of . University of Virginia are also expected to participate in institutional initiatives, such as service on division, departmental or university-wide initiatives.

Please let me know within the next week whether you will be able to assist us with this review of Professor . It would be most helpful to us to have your evaluation in hand by . Dean and the Provost, as part of the normal review process. Please note that, under University of Virginia policy, the identity of authors of letters of evaluation that are included in the personnel review files are to be held in confidence. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.