Classification essay about kinds of movies

Many people go to the movies. The movies are an escape into classification essay about kinds of movies fantasy world.

Everyone has a different preference on what kind of movie is the best. Romance, horror, action, and comedy are different types of movies. The kind of movie someone goes to see can give clues to what kind of person they are. People who prefer horror films obviously like to be grossed out or like to be frightened. The horror fans probably tend to enjoy suspense and anxiety. One might suspect these people love to go on frightening roller coaster rides or do other things that would cause suspense and anxiousness.

Comedy, most people enjoy going to the movies and laughing. Although most people do enjoy a comedy here and there, some people try to be like the characters in them. These people love to laugh and try to make others laugh whenever possible. Sometimes this is a good thing and one would not mind being around them because they are actually funny. Nevertheless, some of them are down right annoying. People who enjoy going out and living up life probably watch action adventure type movies. The ones who like these movies would probably get a kick out of being chased by the police in a car.

Risky habits such as doing things that are against the law and hoping they don’t get caught could be a trait of a person who likes action adventure movies also. Another thing they might participate in is extreme sports like bungie jumping or skydiving. Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. I drink to make other people more interesting.

First, the movies that showcase the slow, but still startling zombies, like Night of the Living Dead. Any one who owns a dog knows that it has a mind of its own, and therefore a unique personality. Kids eat free on Sunday right? Can I substitute this juice for a Bloody Mary? I’m sorry we haven’t even looked at the menu yet. We’ll just be a bit . How about drinking a cold one with some friends at a local bar after a hard day’s work, sounds satisfying doesn’t it.