Coach dissertation

Where do Coach dissertation access my live session link? How do I schedule an appointment with a coach? Where can I find examples of annotated bibliographies? How do I locate my session feedback and coaching plan?

How do I upload a document to a scheduled appointment? How do I complete the appointment form? Can you provide an example for the general format of APA research papers? How do I create a Turnitin account in order to check my paper for plagiarism? How do I sign up for a Grammarly Account? I’ve been assigned to write a synthesis, or told I need to better synthesize my research.

How do I go about doing this? What are the different types of coaching sessions available? How far ahead can I see the ASC scheduler? Where can I find the Academic Success Center’s policies? Do I have to follow my coaching plan? Does NCU have any exceptions to APA Style? How do I start outlining my literature review?

Where can I find assistance for my dissertation proposal? Where do I find the NCU dissertation templates? Can’t find an answer to your question? If there is not a coach on duty, submit your question via Ask a Coach.