Compare and contrast judaism and islam essay

What does Satanism teach about compare and contrast judaism and islam essay? Violence occurs in real life, therefore an approach to violence is necessary. We need to consider both personal self-defence, and national armed forces.

Organized Judaism emerged from Babylonian writings. The apparent hardness of Satanism is then examined in more detail. I give some examples of violence and conclude that Satanism embodies the most rational approach to violence possible. How Can There be Peace in a Satanic World? Satanism is a religion of real life.

People have always fought each other, and in my opinion people always will do. It doesn’t matter how moral, advanced or clever you are, sometimes you will be destroyed by someone simply because they are stronger than you. A Satanist feels that he is certainly worth preserving. There are a great number of Satanists who practice forms of martial art, street fighting or weapons skills. Satanist does not consider a “perfect” style to be possible. Frequently it is experience and training that are more important than the specifics of what you “do”. For example, the famous American Satanist Xloptuny ran the Satanic Combat Sciences – “a combat science”, not a martial art, which takes into account modern weaponry such as guns, weapons of opportunity and other real-life situations.

Satanism is a religion that recognizes that man is just another animal, with animal instincts. In the natural world also we find that violence is the norm. Religion continues to be associated with violent fanaticism, as religion-inspired horror occurs with “unceasing regularity. Cultural religion of India which was historically decentralized and disparate and not a single belief system. No major world religion has avoided generating violence extremist movements from within its ranks3. This has been the case “since time immemorial”4.

Three factors lead believers into uncivil behaviour. How can there peace in a Satanic world? How can there be peace in a theistic world? Where anybody can kill in the name of some god and claim divine right?

The monotheistic Churches have caused wars, divisions and torture. Yes, firstly I start I would very much like to point out that all religious teachings have caused violence, sometimes on a quite large scale. I fully expect that sometimes Satanic teachings will, too, cause unwanted violence. Secondly – do you really think that Human Beings are capable of not fighting one another?

As we pointed out in the first section, violence happens and frequently it is through no choice of our own. We need to be taught how to respond, what to do ‘turn the other cheek’ is probably the least useful thing, personally or socially, that can be done when faced with violence. It is clear that pacifism is not an option. How can there be peace in a Satanic world? Criminals, which for simplicity I am defining here as those whose actions will undermine society, cannot be allowed to go unchecked. On this much, nearly everyone is agreed. However that ‘thing’ is certainly never entirely efficient, and it remains a responsibility of the general populace to be able to look after themselves.

Society does not magically hold itself together: It is held together by human strength and values. The main way to curb behavior is to make it clear that people will pay for their actions. Turning the other cheek is simply not a moral option. The best way animals learns is that as soon as it does something wrong, it is punished. The longer the delay between the action and the punishment, the less effective that punishment is.

Without punishment for the wrongs people do, even on a personal level, we allow ourselves to be run over. We allow the wrongs of society to multiply. Although the term self-respect has been hijacked as a macho street term, it is what these teachings boil down to. You do not let yourself get trampled on, and when you see a wrong you take the responsibility to immediately destroy the threat.