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Buy it now at Amazon and in bookstores. Bailey Circus in 1951 and sold essay hoagland nature novel about this experience, Cat Man, before graduating from Harvard in 1954.

After serving two years in the Army, he published The Circle Home, a novel about the boxing world of New York. Soon after, he  took the first of his nine trips to Alaska and British Columbia. Hoagland has taught at The New School, Rutgers, Sarah Lawrence, CUNY, the University of Iowa, U. Davis, Columbia University, Beloit College, Brown, and Bennington, beginning in 1963 and retiring in 2005. Available now at Amazon and in bookstores. He is a marvelous writer generous, full of odd detail, very moving to read two pages of Hoagland at random is to know immediately that you are in the hands of a supremely tough-minded man and a man of perfect honesty.

A writer born, a writer obsessed. Edward Hoagland is a strong, solid writer with a splendid feel for the intricacy, queerness and stubborn pertinacity of life. He is also, so far as I know, the best essayist working in our perishing republic. America’s most intelligent and wide-ranging essayist-naturalist.