Essays on theatre of the absurd

Please sign up to read full document. The Theatre of the Absurd originated from experimental Arts of the avant-garde in the 1920’s and 30’s. It highlighted the essays on theatre of the absurd of life and came about as a result of the Second World War.

It was also a result of absurd plays having a highly unusual, innovative form, aiming to startle the viewers. World War world, it was no longer possible to keep using traditional art forms and standards that had ceased being convincing. It openly rebelled against conventional theatre. It was very anti-theatre, coming across as surreal, senseless and plotless. Black and White’, the characters come across as being old, one being small and the other tall. They come across to us, the audience, as very shallow people with very little to talk about.

They seem to be non-trusting characters. Evidence from the play suggests that the second of the two women is more of a threatening, aggressive character than the first, who comes across as a calmer woman. I said, clear off out of it before I call a copper’. The language used in these two plays is very similar. White’, the language is very colloquial and a lot of slang is used to emphasise the fact that they are in the bar having a typical woman’s chat. In regard to time and place in the absurd theatre, it is noted that these two elements have their peculiarities that go with the absurd actions.