Group activities leadership

Involves thinking, imagination, action, fantasy, risk and an attractive solution. Can be done with adolescents or adults. The challenge is to move the toxic waste contents to the “neutralization” container using minimal equipment and maintaining a safe distance¬†within a time limit. Moderately difficult – avoid using with groups who are still in the early stages group activities leadership group development.

The larger the radiation zone, the more difficult the activity. Place the small bucket in the center of the radiation zone and fill it with water or balls to represent the toxic waste. Place the large neutralization bucket approximately 30 to 50 feet away. The greater the distance, the more difficult the activity. The waste will blow up and destroy the world after 20 minutes if it is not neutralized. Anyone who ventures into the radiation zone will suffer injury and possibly even death, and spillage will create partial death and destruction.

Therefore, the group should aim to save the world and do so without injury to any group members. The rope circle represents the radiation zone emanating from the toxic waste in the bucket. Give the group some planning time with no action e. Then start the clock and indicate it is time for action, e. The solution involves attaching the cords to the bungee loop, then guiding the bungee with the strings to sit around and grab the toxic waste bucket.