Long term exposure to paper dust

You can visit our cookie privacy page for long term exposure to paper dust information. Health topics – Dust What you need to know In paper and tissue making and processing activities there is the potential for workers to be exposed to paper and tissue dust.

Being regularly exposed to high levels of dust in a workplace can affect the respiratory system and cause your workers to become ill. As part of the dust survey you may want to do static monitoring as well as personal monitoring to get a complete picture of dust levels within your workplace. Control Measures Once you have identified any dust exposure issues you then need to decide the best means of reducing dust. If designed and implemented properly LEV can provide a good means of reducing dust in the workplace. If used, you should ensure it is checked every 14 months to ensure it is working as expected.

Some companies have used this method of reducing dust exposure and have found it to be more effective than LEV in some situations. In some scenarios general dilution ventilation was sufficient to reduce exposure. Good housekeeping and cleaning regimes can be an important tool in reducing employees exposure. For maximum effect it is better to carryout cleaning at the end the end of the shift rather than during it.