Rubrics in grading essay

The old Regents Comprehensive Exam in English, the format in use since 2011, will also be administered until 2016. All students first entering Grade 9 in the 2013? All students who first entered Grade 9 prior to the 2013? English courses rubrics in grading essay to the 2005 Learning Standards and passing the old Regents Comprehensive Exam in English while that exam is still being offered.

How Is The New Common Core Exam Different From the Old Regents Comprehensive Examination in English? Listening standards are no longer assessed on the Common Core exam. There is a greater emphasis on informational texts in the new standards and on the exam. The writing tasks require students to base responses on and to cite specific evidence from the texts. Many of the texts for close reading may be greater in length and complexity than those on previous exams.

How and When Is The Exam Given? The English Regents exam is administered in one three-hour session. It is offered in January, June, and August of each year. Students may take the exam more than once if needed to meet the graduation requirement. Click here to see the latest NYS Regents exam schedule.