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Crowley, Golden Dawn, Chaos Magic, Tantra and shamanism. With a preface by Alice A. Occult practices of breathing, color, sound, diet, exercise, and how these can be used to develop the third eye. VG hardback with no dust jacket, section from top of endpaper removed.

A course in enhancing pleasure and deepening intimacy. Qabalistic pathworking including postures for dance or meditation. VG small amount of dicolouratiom to bottom edge of first few pages. Llewellyn 1989 first edition softcover, 288pp. British Israelite tract on the Twelve Tribes of Israel being the British race and it’s destiny in the future. VG softback with inscription and some underlining throughout. Collected writings by Maurice Ash on various topics, “with a common thread: the fragmentation of today’s world, and the undercurrents at work leading towards a renaissance of wholeness.

VG softback with VG dust jacket. Green Books 1987 first edition, 196pp. This book has accounts of what the author considers were genuine, as well as fraudulent instances of telepathy. Includes a chapter on the Zancigs, who were in the limelight as telepathists about 1906 in Britain and were investigated by the SPR. Methuen 1917 first edition, vii 94pp.