Thesis about household solid waste management

In all parts of the country, people by and large do salvage re-usable or saleable material from waste and sell it for a price, e. However, a lot of recyclable dry waste such as waste paper, plastic, broken glass, metal, packaging material etc. Segregation of thesis about household solid waste management waste at source is thus not seriously practised by households and establishments, who throw such waste on the streets or in the municipal bins unsegregated.

By and large, crude dumping of waste is done in the country without following the principles of sanitary landfilling. As negligible segregation of waste at source takes place, all waste including hospital infectious waste generally finds its way to the disposal site. Quite often industrial hazardous waste is also deposited at dump sites meant for domestic waste. The waste deposited at the dump site is generally neither spread nor compacted on a regular basis. It is also not covered with inert material.