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Peter Neumann’s Home Page SRI International Computer Science Laboratory Unless you came through the main csl. Neumann, or the more formal official SRI photo. 1-415-388-3344, fax 415-388-3345, 45 Midway Ave. 0″ to speak with a real human being.

Click here for a short bio. More detailed bio information is available on request. It differs from the default CSL page. The following sections are included here, and can be moused directly if you do not want to read linearly. This talk will take a far-reaching big-picture view of some fundamental problems that must be confronted in the future, spanning issues such as security, reliability, survivability, safety, critical infrastructure protection, homeland security, national security, long-term research, sound science, free and open source software, and the development of predictably trustworthy systems and networks that can avoid past and foreseeable risks.

COTS and Other Electronic Voting Backdoors, Rebecca T. Evaluation of Voting Systems, Poorvi L. Vora, Benjamin Adida, Ren Bucholz, David Chaum, David L. This paper was adapted for inclusion in Computer-Related Risks.

Evidently, I have been a psephologist as well as a psephotechnologist — for well over two decades. Keys Under Doormats: Mandating insecurity by requiring government access to all data and communications, Harold Abelson, Ross Anderson, Steven M. Bellovin, Josh Benaloh, Matt Blaze, Whitfield Diffie, John Gilmore, Matthew Green, Peter G. Schiller, Bruce Schneier, Michael Specter, Daniel J. The report is online as a pdf. When one of your loved ones goes out of your life, you think of what he might have done for a few more years, and you wonder what you are going to do with the rest of yours.