Types of charismatic leadership

Transformational leadership theory has evolved from and contains elements of preceding leadership types, such as trait and behaviour theories, charismatic, situational and transactional types of charismatic leadership. Transformational leadership theory is about leadership that creates positive change in the followers whereby they take care of each other’s interests and act in the interests of the group as a whole.

Charisma or idealised influence – the degree to which the leader behaves in admirable ways and displays convictions and takes stands that cause followers to identify with the leader who has a clear set of values and acts as a role model for the followers. Intellectual stimulation – the degree to which the leader challenges assumptions, stimulates and encourages creativity in the followers – by providing a framework for followers to see how they connect they can creatively overcome any obstacles in the way of the mission. In terms of the leader’s influence on the followers. The leader success in seeking new ways for working, while he tries to identify new opportunities and assess threats.

Transformational leadership theory is about leadership that creates positive change in the followers, whereby they take care of each other’s interests and act in the interests of the group as a whole. Here, the leader enhances the motivation, morale and performance of his follower group. These are addressed in the “Practitioners Masterclass” which takes a holistic view of the key areas and shows you how to put all this into practise. The Bible proves Christ’s birth was not on Dec 25th. The Pagan Origins of Christmas exposed. 25th day of December, has no Biblical connection with Yeshua’s birth. Finding it, and passing it on to you.

This page is mainly content from a forum of people who are awake and watching in Bible based zeal. The forum is not an outright attack on all Charismatic churches, but it is very revealing as people who have been marginalized by the “River of Renewal” speak of their experiences. American churches are dead and void of sound Bible teaching. When you run a circus, you grab any act that draws a crowd. P T Barnum, if he could return from the grave, would probably abandon the circus business and find himself a mega church to pastor.

ANALYSIS OF CHARISMANIA FROM PEOPLE BURNED BY ITIn this first section, I want to give you the observations of Charismatic who were burned by the Word of Faith Movement and other Charismatic manifestations. While there are some good points to what many people see as the “flakier” side of Christianity, there are a whole pile of pitfalls that need to be watched for that can lead to spiritual abuse, false teaching, and the “elitism” of a charismatic congregation. I would like to open up some discussion of different opinions on the matter, specifically from the charismatic perspective. Let’s not turn this into a “liturgical” or “evangelical” vs. Those who “manifest” are more popular with leadership. Those who don’t manifest are tagged as “not breaking down the walls” or “not entering in” and are basically ignored. Prophetic words are not screened by a mature christian with a high level of discernment and searched out with the Lord before they are spoken.

Prophetic words for an individual are allowed to be spoken from the pulpit. The focus is on the next collective “wave” that comes down the pipes. People with real spiritual, physical and emotional needs are ignored if there is a collective manifestation in progress. All attention is payed to those who are manifesting. The person waiting quietly, praying for someone to help is ignored. The “prophets” in the group are in seen as infallible, although this will never be admitted to.

Never, “I guess I was wrong”. Experience has displaced sound Biblical teaching and life application. Soaking” becomes the preferred method for hearing from the Lord. Even if it is not backed up by scripture, the view is that it must be in there and I just can’t find it. Words or visions presented by those who don’t manifest are ignored. Every “word” or “vision” that occurs juring a service must be from the Lord, because we covered the place with prayer before starting, which “binds” false, satanic, or things from the flesh.

Satan and his crew is free to use whatever ground we offer him through false motives, lack of discernment, etc. There is no real personal growth despite hours of wild manifestations and soaking sessions. In the Bible, when the Lord met with someone on a level that made them manifest SOMETHING MAJOR ALWAYS HAPPENED, either in the persons life, or the lives of those who His word was intended for. It is the view of leadership that the gift of discernment is only given to those who manifest. Music is the preferred, perhaps only, catalyst that can spur the Lord to speak to His people.

There is a disproportionate number of prayers and songs asking the Lord to “bless me”, “bless us”, “bless them”, and very little in the way of “Bless You”. These are just a few warning signs that I know can lead to abuse or elitism. From this point on I add the comments of thos responding to “Mike” who wrote the introduction to this discussion and the above 10 aspects seen in profane Charismatic churches. Our group is the only one with the truth.